So Do You Wanna See More Of Me?

By | January 13, 2008

AlexSuze, SuzeIn my post on the 7th of January…Oh, click here to go straight to it. Lol I asked you which banner you prefer to see at the top of the site. Both have images of me but the new one shows a little bit more of me.

The post attracted comments from seven of my lovely readers, some for the new banner, some liking the original and urging me to keep it. To be honest I like both but I feel the old one shows more of me as it reveals part of my face. 😉

Now the dilemma is that there were 3 positive votes for keeping the old one and 3 for replacing it with “Hands on boobs” one and the seventh and deciding vote from Steve *kiss* doesn’t really say one way or the other.

So, Steve if you are reading this post, please let me know which way you are voting or alternatively Dear Readers what do you think?