Loving That Sweet Cock

By | May 13, 2010

ChocolateYou do have to take most of the stories you read in The Sun with a pinch of salt.  For those unfamiliar with that expression it means you have to be slightly sceptical about the stories they feature they aren’t always factual.  In fact I’m sure they make up a lot of them just to cause a bit of a stir.

Yesterday they were running one which I read with a slight amount of disbelief.  There has been a standing joke relating to jelly babies for years.  Looking back maybe I should rephrase that based upon what I’m about to say.  Lol  The joke being that the male Jelly Babies have a little bit more jelly.

They are reporting that a girl purchased a cup of sweets from Candy King and found the little fella top left in there with her other candy indulgences.  Hmmm, I remain sceptical but it makes for a naughty fun story to divert our attention away from all the elections stuff.  😉