High Speed Orgasm

By | May 13, 2010

Gym AssSuze is being good and keeping up this keep fit regime.  I’m trying to get to the gym every other day, still need that day to recover between sessions.  Lol

I’m seeing results, things are getting firmer and flatter which is encouraging me to go and pushing me through the tough times when I think  I can’t do any more.

A strange thing happened to me today and is probably the reason why people love “spinning”.  For the uninitiated spinning is an exercise regime which takes places on an exercise cycle, mostly at high speed hence the burn and weight loss.  Come to think of it you don’t see many over weight cyclists do you?

Any way I’m going off topic.  Lol  I usually row and cycle as part of my routine with a few weights thrown in, giving me cardio and muscle toning.  So back to where I was…I was doing my routine of 30 minutes with periodic sprints to push up my cardio levels.

It was during one of my sprints that something occurred which I hadn’t encountered before, I don’t know if it related to my positioning on the saddle but it was very pleasurable.  All of a sudden through my heavy breathing sprinting I started to become aware of something happening between my legs.

To be more precise, I was starting to feel on the verge of orgasm.  I took a look to my right and left, checking out if I was being observed.  I was sure to be wearing a smile despite my obvious physical exertions.

No body appeared to be taking notice of me and I relaxed in to the sensation.  All of a sudden I felt the emotion build and I gave out a tempered sigh, the only indication that I had just come.  It went unheard, thankfully.  I have never encountered anything like that before and it was unbelievably pleasurable, probably fortified by it being unpredicted.

I’ve got the feeling that I will have a whole new attitude to exercising on the bike next time I go.  I may even sign up for spinning classes.  😉