Cumming Across A Sexy Ninja

By | May 15, 2010

Cumming Across A Sexy NinjaWhile mooching around the Internet I came across one of those oddities that you come across from time to time; This poster for “Ninja She Devil”.

It is a real film about a pair of competing (female) Ninjas. So if you like Ninjas and cat fights with throwing stars this could be a film for you. Or not … judge for yourself from this behind the scenes video.

I couldn’t find an IMDB entry buy Yahoo movies says “Sex and throwing stars meet in this saucy Japanese action film about two competing female ninjas who are trained in both the deadly and erotic arts. But when one of them falls in love, will she sacrifice her body and her heart, or find another, deadlier way out? “

And the film is available on Amazon as an NTSC DVD if you’re interested. But as I can’t find a review who knows what it’s like.