Your All Time Favourite Porn

By | January 15, 2008, Linda LusardiI recall my sexual awakening and leaving behind that shy girl who wouldn’t say boo to a goose and certainly never thought she would ever get a proper boyfriend with fondness.

It came to me the other day when I was considering just how open and damn right dirty we all our these days how innocent things used to be…or should I say they were slightly more restrained.

My favourite topless model back then was Linda Lusardi, always thought she looked slightly more classy than the usual topless models. That’s her in the top left corner of this post. She was most boys dream girl and most girls too. 😉 She had a kind of magic all of her own. *sigh*

At the time my best friends dad used to collect the page 3 images out of The Sun and keep them in his brief case. I remember her showing me inside it one day when he wasn’t around and it obviously wasn’t locked. Agghhh, I bet that was his only bit of naughty titillation. I wonder if her mother knew., Debbie HarryI had a bit of thing for Blondie too (Deborah Harry), although she wasn’t a page three girl but had the most haunting voice and looks. I often dreamed of her and Kim Wilde in my bed at night… Again, most boys and girls would have loved to have had a few minutes alone with them. 😉 I just couldn’t resist including an image of the lovely Kim…Uhhmmmm.

When it came to reading material, it had to be either Linda Lovelace or as Xavier Hollander ( as mentioned the other day) because I had been presented with opportunity to read them both at a very early age.

I’m just trying to remember which mags were about at the time, I suppose it would have to be Parade, Penthouse, Playboy…why did the names all begin with “P”?. I never really thought about that before. Are there any more which begin with a P? And they were the days of the bush, a shaved pussy wasn’t as popular then. Neatly trimmed was the way.,  Kim WildeSam Fox was a popular one then. She had a pair of breasts to die for and I remember looking at my A cup boobs and wishing I could be like her.

Then there is my all time favourite porn film, it’s not hardcore but it gives just the right amount of sexual tension, steamy sex scenes and intrigue…it’s Nine And A Half Weeks. You may not agree with me on this one but I have never seen a film since which has the same impact that that adult film had on me.

In my mind then and now, the part played by Mickey Rourke (John) is a wonderful dom who excites and stimulates the senses through various constructed situations, he is always in control and therefore to me very, very sexy. Then there is his sub played by the innocent Kim Bassinger (Elizabeth), she is slightly naïve but only too willing to participate in his sex play., Kim BassingerThe scenes within this film are wonderfully shot and composed and I find it hard to pick a favourite but I suppose it would be between him setting her up with the girl and the fridge scene…Oh, damn I just don’t know I love them all.

I wonder if they remade this film in the R18 format if it would still have the same sexual tension and magic, I think maybe not.

If you haven’t already seen this film I suggested you do. It’s not only a classic but a great turn on. 😉

What do you guys think?

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