Bringing You Off With My Mouth

By | May 18, 2010

FingerI seem to have become quite the thing in the social networking world of online wanking.  I tend to do a fair amount of social networking during the day to keep me company as I spend the daytime working from home waiting for Alex to come back.

The guys I regularly hang out with are great, they are supportive and some of them have become really good friends.  I get asked questions on sexually related issues and of course toys which means I can help people explore aspects of their sexuality they might not otherwise venture in to.

Just yesterday I was approached by a guy who had heard that he could possibly encounter some of the best orgasms ever by sticking a finger in his ass whilst he wanked.  He not only asked me advice on how to get in to anal play but and I can’t quite work out why…if I approved.

I guess to some guys anal play is taboo and still seen as a gay pleasure.  It always makes me feel good to know that my knowledge and advice has helped someone discover something new and pleasurable.

We also have a certain subset of people on there who just want to engage in “wank chat”.  They usually aren’t slow off the mark at asking and following one or two message exchanges launch in to a full on sexual fantasy online.

Now I don’t mind doing this every now and then but it does annoy me when you then point out that they could read your site and they seem non-plussed because really all they wanted was to get off.  I really should start charging these guys for the pleasure I provide.  Lol

I suppose it goes without saying some guys just want to wank and that’s that.  Trying to engage them in a deep and meaningful conversation is out of the question when the male instincts take over.

Me thinks it’s time to draw up a rate card.  🙂