Selling Kinky Sex

By | May 18, 2010

AssWe get approached by all sorts of people to supply their goods.  I don’t think they use targeted emailing systems or they would realise that AlexSuze isn’t a store.  China seem to be of the understanding that we would be able to stock their sex toys because they regularly mail us.

But today I was approached by a completely different type of wholesaler, this one was selling BDSM goods.  Paddles, Floggers, Pinwheels, Cuffs & Gags being a small part of what they had to offer.  I was about to do what I normally do with the email, press delete, when I noticed that the proprietor’s name was Mr Butt.

Alex came in to the room to ask why I was laughing and I explained.  Well, if you’re going to own a company who’s products are designed to spank you couldn’t have a moiré suitable name.  lol