Underwear, What Underwear?

By | January 16, 2008

AlexSuze.com, AlexIt’s a constant source of frustration to me that women have such a great range of undergarments, yet us blokes seem much more limited.

I will admit that in recent years a number of manufacturers have been helping close the gap and provided guys with clothing that is less utilitarian and more expressive of our personalities. Originally companies like Calvin Klein, and more recently Sean Ashby’s AussieBum, have taken mens pants from boring and un-sexy to a new level. Designs are more daring than ever.

There is still however one problem.

When you head into the more, erm, specialised areas. Men are still very badly served.

When it comes to outright kinky underwear you have three options. First you can pay a packet and have couture or custom made items. Second you can pick from a very relatively small range of products from your local sex shop or online retailer. This range will also include pants with various “amusing” twists, like an elephant’s trunk to stick your winky down. Finally you can just get one with it and hope your local department store undies light your partner’s fire.

I suppose that could be a completely male way of looking at things though. Men like to see women in a variety of attire. The availability of a huge range of underwear and provocative clothing means we assume that you ladies want us to adorn ourselves in the same way.

Am I wrong, do you simply want to see us gents in a tight fitting pair of boxers?

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