Going To Work Naked

By | May 18, 2010

Going To Work NakedI thought we had just about seen every quirky reality tv show possible here in the UK.  But no, just as we put behind us Big Brother and others like it, the television producers come up with something even more outlandish and shocking.

I’ve just read about the new 6 part series about to start on Virgin 1 at 9pm tomorrow night.  It’s a series of programs focusing on our relationships and interactions with our fellow workers and struggling businesses turn it round.

The program called The Naked Office and was the brainchild of Steven Supi who is a behaviour change specialist and leadership guru.  It involves office staff stripping off which he claims will boost employees confidence and promote trust.

I remain unconvinced but will give the program a chance.  My current thinking on this is that it’s a show designed to pull in the voyeurs who would like to watch a bit of titillating television.  We’ll see.