Friday Night On The Back Of A Bike

By | May 18, 2010

Friday NightUp until a couple of years ago I spent more of my time driving to and from clients. During that time I wrote a number of erotic stories inspired by the people I saw driving home. It could be anything from a look they gave me, the way they drove or the car they were driving but I found inspiration for about half a dozen stories during that time.

My job has changed so I spend less time commuting, thank goodness. However on the way home on Friday I was passed by a motorcycle. The rider had used bungees to strap a box of 24 tins of Stella Artois on to the pillion seat behind him. “There’s his Friday night on the back of a bike” I though. And then I though a bit more …

Drive 7

Her hair smelled of shampoo and oil, her breath of dry cider. She licked her lips in that way that told him she was impatient for him. Her eyes told the same story of an unfolding vision of lust that would end in a tangled mass of limbs and sweat.

They finished their drinks and stood up in the midst of the biker crowd. She waited for a moment allowing me a final look at her deep cleavage before zipping up her leathers . We made our way to the door our passage punctuated by goodbyes before stepping out in to the pleasant coolness of a clear June evening.

She arranged her hair and pulled on her helmet while I pushed the bike off its stand and fired-up the engine. I felt her slip behind me thighs spread around me with feet hitched up onto the pegs. We coasted to the exit of the carpark before I gunned the engine and pointed the bike towards home.

The speed rose as did our anticipation. I pushed thoughts of her soft eager lips from my mind as I climbed through the gears. My knees got closer and closer to the tarmac as I pushed the lust from my mind and concentrated on getting us home fast and safe. It was almost impossible. Her hands were on my waist, inner thighs clad in leather around my ass – distraction squared.

When the wheels came to a stop we were both breathless from the speed and the excitement. Something about tonight had made us feel like kids again, it could have been the music in the heaving, hot pub or the old friends we had seen but whatever the reason I fumbled trying to get the key in the lock. I almost slammed the door shut in my haste, she was already removing her helmet and shaking down her long red hair.

I pulled of my lid and placed it on the kitchen counter next to hers. I heard her zip begin to descend. She slowly unfastened her white and red leather jacket until it fell open to release her boobs from their leather prison, only a cotton blouse and her underwear between me and flesh now. I pressed her against the cupboards with hard lips to counter her soft feminine ones. He mouth opened involuntarily and I pushed my tongue inside past her teeth to find a playmate waiting inside. We tussled for a while. I tasted the cider she had been drinking only twenty minutes earlier and savoured the fermented apples blended with the familiar flavour of her mouth.

I became aware of the uncomfortable fullness in the crotch of my leathers and pulled away from her. She tugged at the jip of my black jacket, opening it to let the cool air of the kitchen hit the humidity inside. I nodded towards the stairs and she understood. I reached into a cupboard for bottle and turned back in time to see her giving me a glance whose meaning could not be mistaken before she disappeared up to our bedroom.


When I got upstairs her boots were thrown on the floor and her leather trousers were undone. I placed the Jack Daniels at the side of the bed and walked to the end to tug at her trouser legs. Throwing them to one side I slipped out of my jacket while admiring her shapely legs, every inch from toe to upper thigh and that triangle of hair covered by dusky pink silk. She sat up and slipped out of her blouse while I removed my trousers and t-shirt.

Her final garment was that dusky pink silk teddy. The one that I remembered from our sixth date … she knew what that meant to me. My tight cotton briefs were bulging so when she pulled them down my cock sprang out. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with me standing next to her. She reached for the JD and took a swig then passed it to me. The liquor hit the back of my throat and sent a kick through me, warming and reminding me of other summer nights …

Her hand was wrapped around my cock pushing the skin back and forth. She cupped my balls and tugged at them in the way that she knew I liked, making them tighter. Her hand speeded up she loved to toy with me and control my arousal in all sorts of ways. I looked down at her and she looked back, watching my face for clues as to the state of my arousal. I allowed her to play for a few minutes then pushed her away, firmly so that she fell back onto the bed.

I removed my briefs leaving me totally naked and leant over her to kiss her again. Then suddenly enough to surprise her I grabbed her arm and turned her over onto her front. I knelt on the bed behind her and pulled her up by the waist onto all fours. The crotch of the teddy was becoming damp, the aroma of her aroused pussy filled my nostrils. I pulled the gusset to one side and pressed my cock against the pouting lips surrounded by glistening hairs.

She let out a slight moan or resignation, pleasure and lust. I pressed against her opening parting the engorged labia and becoming engulfed within her hot, moist canal. Three hard thrusts cased her arms to buckle leaving her ass sticking high into the air and her face buried in the pillow. I held her waist firmly fucking her hard and letting her become a supplicant rag doll in my hands. She came twice, each orgasm accompanied my wailing and an increasing wetness in her snatch.

After the second orgasm she seemed to regain her composure and pushed back against me crying “Yes, YES!” I rolled her over onto her side, cock sliding out of her pussy and waving in front of me, a glistening rod of hard flesh. I grasped her ankle and raised it above my head then plunged into her while straddling her lower leg. “Oh shit! That’s too deeeep!” she exclaimed and came a third time. Her pussies spasm on my rock hard tool took me over the edge and her third gush of wetness became mixed with my semen as I pumped it deep in to her.