Big Brother Mask Fetish

By | January 16, 2008

AlexSuze, Amy from Big Brother Celebrity HijackedThis is Amy, originally from Leeds, now based in Oxford.

Amy is a conceptual artist.

Amy is in this year’s UK Celebrity Big Brother Hijacked house.

Amy wears a gas mask and cleans 30cm squares all over the place.

For example amy once spotted a used condom next to one of her girlfriend’s beds and cleaned it. She then put it back where she found it and stuck one of her “Cleaned on ……” labels next to it. Then she took a picture of it.

Now, maybe I’ve led a sheltered life but isn’t that a little odd?

If you want to see Amy cleaning in a gas mask click here.

Though this clip may be even funnier as it has Matt Lucas in it … that bloke off of Little Britain as they say.

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