Anal Attack

By | May 19, 2010

AssRape is a heinous crime whose perpetrators are deserving of the sort of cruel and medieval punishments that are no longer allowed in our so called enlightened society. What’s worse advanced in science mean that when it comes to assisting rapists in their depraved activity there are drugs that can help them.

Of course those drugs were designed for legitimate medicinal reasons and like many such advances in science have been used by deviant individuals for their own twisted ends. In particular Rohypnol (or to give it its scientific name Flunitrazepam) which was originally developed for the treatment of severe insomnia is the date rape drug of choice. Indeed its name is now part of popular culture.

I discovered that it can be taken orally, but also comes as a suppository. If the manufacturers limited its production to the latter it would be difficult to imagine any prospective rapist managing to administer it to a victim.

The only anal insertion I’d approve of where a rapist is concerned is a red hot poker up their twisted little …