Fucking Through It

By | January 16, 2008

AlexSuze, Suze's boobsI started my period and along with it came the usual serving of stomach cramps. Even though this is a perfectly normal female bodily function I sometimes wish I was a guy. You know you men out there get a much better deal than women, with the exception of obvious arousal. I’m so glad nobody can see when I get turned on unless they are underneath my skirt. Lol

My tummy is now looking rather bloated but on the plus side my nipples are very, very sensitive. So Alex needs to give them lots of attention. I always get increased cup size too, my boobs at the moment are being very unruly and will not sit in my bra cup. 😉 It’s like trying to get a pint in a half pint glass.

I notice also that my normally brownish pink areola changes and becomes very dark. A good time to get some personal shots. 😉 I bet some of you guys were totally oblivious to some of these female changes.

The other change in me is my libido. I want sex more. Ok, I know I have a pretty active sex life already but for some strange reason, probably hormones I want more sex. I feel dirty and even more adventurous than normal.

For example, even though I had a quite bad stomach cramp yesterday evening I still wanted to fuck. To avoid further discomfort and pressure on my stomach I decided that doggy style would be best.

I worked Alex’s cock with my hand until he was nice and hard and drooling on to my hand, then I raised up on to my knees with my ass in the air. Waiting, just waiting for him to enter me.

Alex had a better presence of mind and reached under the bed for the fuck towel. I have referred to the fuck towel in previous posts if you wish to search for them. Anyway, there I was wanting it and asking, no demanding Alex to fuck me. How could he refuse?

He pushed his hard cock inside me and started very slowly and deliberately to rub his cock against my vaginal wall. My g-spot was certainly tuned in and it wasn’t long before I started to relax and my stomach muscles were released from their spasm.

I find that the blood serves as a perfect lubricant for fucking, not too slick, with just the right amount of viscosity. It’s almost like a light molasses fluid, slightly tacky to enhance movement but wet enough to avoid unwanted friction.

It wasn’t long before I was moaning under Alex’s firm grasp. Alex occasionally has to pull out and dry himself on pieces of tissue due to the extra lubrication in there but when it is just right, it’s orgasmic.

He pumped into me like a mortal piston, groaning as he forged in to me. I could feel his grip on my hips tighten as he neared his release. My tits were swinging freely under me in perfect timing with his thrusts. I pulled his pillow under me and sank my shoulder and face in to it as I moaned my pleasures deep in to the synthetic padding. My nipples were now grazing the bedsheet and began to stiffen as they rolled around. I love that feeling.

Hips clashed with buttocks and then a deep hard thrust, followed by another and another. Blood mixed with semen as he filled me with his salty emission. He collapsed over me after the final grunt and thrust, I felt his hot breath against my neck and then a kiss.

No more stomach ache…I felt satiated and relieved and not a pill in sight. Sex is a great alternative medicine. 😉

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