Kate, The Things I Want To Do To You

By | May 20, 2010

Kate MossI’ve had a thing about the lovely Kate Moss since I don’t know when.  I find her quite enigmatic and exciting for some reason.  I’m also puzzled when I consider my attraction to her because she isn’t the typical kind of girl that Suze is attracted to.  My desires are normally focussed on the curvaceous busty ladies not the waifish types.

She is has been in the news quite a lot recently.  Just the other day I read that a set of 14 photographic proof images are to be auctioned at Christies.  They were taken in 1993 in Morocco when Kate was just a young and budding 19 year old model.

They anticipate the black and white images could possibly raise a staggering £30,000 when they go up for auction on Friday.

Whilst I can’t afford to purchase them myself I’m quite content to focus my gaze on the shot featured on this post which is taken from a set of images taken for Top Shop.  I still don’t know why but I would certainly say yes…