Another Case Of Lesbian Lust

By | May 21, 2010

CropI wrote earlier about having a thing for Kate Moss and how I couldn’t quite understand what it was about her that attracted me to her.  She’s really no my type as far as body shape goes

Miss Moss seemed to be out of limits because despite the fact that she not surprisingly has had flings with lots of people, they have all been men.  Not one lady, so my chances of persuading her to slip between the sheets was blighted.  Ok, let me dream won’t you.  Lol

Then I read today that Courtney (I’ve slept with everyone) Love has made claims in the magazine Hot Press that she had a lesbian affair with Kate back in the 90’s.  It’s hardly the first time she has revealed that she’s had an affair with one of her female friends so forgive me for being sceptical.

That and the fact that Courtney must have a job remembering much of what she did back in the 90’s given her love of excess.

I suppose we will have to wait for Kate to respond before we will know but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this bad girl of the catwalk is perhaps bisexual.  🙂