Golden Moments

By | January 17, 2008

A thread in a television programme the other night prompted this post re all things urine. It featured this special travel toilet for you to use if you are on the move how times have changed…

Memories came flooding back of being suspended over grates in the road as a small child to have a wee when I was caught short. Don’t frown, I was one of many kids who had this suspended urination thing going on. 🙂 Do people still do that with their offspring or are the toilets more readily available?

I was reminded of the day trips I took with my parents when I was younger. My father was reluctant to do a toilet stop if we took a trip until he thought we had made satisfactory progress. I remember practically bursting before he would relent and stop by which time all the toilets would have long since disappeared.

It was quite common place for me to have to jump out of the back door of the car leaving it open to shield me from the gaze of the oncoming traffic in a layby or squat down behind a tree somewhere. Always mindful of not peeing on my shoes. It’s amazing how off centre a girls piss can be, the number of times I have spread my legs wide and squatted to pee to end up with it hitting my shoes or even worse running down my inner thigh. Too much detail I hear you shout. Lol

I’m not sure if this early training helped my bladder develop it’s current capacity and my capability of holding it all in. When I used to drink pints of lager it was not unusual for me not to take as many toilet breaks as my other companions but when I did you couldn’t stop me. Lol

Even at a young age fetishes obviously manifest themselves, or were they always there looking for the right moment to bust out of their subconscious! I had a friend the middle aged girl of a family of five, they were the offspring of a successful business man and woman. Her younger brother would sometimes hang around with us and take interest in our girlie play.

This wasn’t really unusual as I used to join in football, jumping through hedges and any number of lads activities. So we all played together. But he wanted to play something a little different to the norm. He had a keen interest in watersports. I found this out from friends who mentioned that he had asked them to wee on him. At first I didn’t believe them.

It’s strange how when you are young you don’t really think anything is too strange, it never occurred to me that this wasn’t quite what everyone else was doing at his age. One day he finally got around to asking me if I would piss on him while he lay down on the grass. I remember declining the offer but not because I thought it was wrong…because I didn’t want to get in a mess and wet my shoes. 🙂

He didn’t ask me again and I forgot all about him until a couple of years ago. Obviously he was in to Urophilia as it is known at an early age, I wonder what he is doing now.

I’m not sure if some of this kink caught up with me in later life but I must confess that I do like to watch Alex take a pee in his boxers. Watching the stream of warm urine soak the front of his boxers and then stream down his leg is a bit of a turn on.

It’s easiest to do this and clean up after if it is done in the shower, enabling you to wash off afterwards without any mess.

He also likes to watch me standing in a pair of white panties, just letting go and peeing myself. Observing the gusset of my underwear becoming moist and then soaked and sticking to my labia. It makes him really horny. 😉

I’m not sure if it is exciting because of the element of letting go, the loss of control, a sort of feel of innocence about it. Could this compare with watching as your partner surrenders to you and orgasms during sex?

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