Tits Oot On Sunday

By | May 23, 2010

Erica RoweThere’s a tradition in the UK of streakers at sporting events. Not so much recently but when I was growing up it happened occasionally and was the subject of many tabloid column inches. Especially when it was a well endowed woman like Erica Roe. If you’d like to see more streaker pics click here.

I can’t understand streaking. I wouldn’t regard it as personally liberating and judging from the last picture behind the link above it has more to do with commercialism these days than self expression. I mean, carrying the URL of a website on your back as you run naked across the superbowl pitch has to be the cheapest way of getting advertising in that particular sporting event.

What is the difference between streaking and indecent exposure. In the eyes of the law none I suppose, but when you start flashing your genitals about rather than just a full pair of tits it is a little more serious. And if you start manipulating yourself in front of others then the line between naturist and sicko has been crossed.

And that’s where I place the guy from Washington State who was arrested for indecent exposure after members of the public reported him to the police. He was apparently standing above an air conditioner inlet, naked, with a piece of string attached to his penis moving it like a puppet.

His state of mind might be judged by the fact that he’s already been twice convicted of indecent exposure and was in possession of a “pornographic magazine and a quantity of meth amphetamine”.