Risque, Or Should It Be Risky Sex!

By | January 18, 2008

AlexSuze.com,SuzeThere have been numerous occasions when my impetuous dalliances with boyfriends have almost led to discovery and embarrassment. I suppose the risk of someone catching you at it adds to the moment and excites all the more. 😉

On a train journey back from Blackpool Alex and I managed to get the last train home. It was ancient and I suppose easy to get away with in the early hours of the morning. I think that we were the only people on it.

We managed to secure ourselves a carriage with two long seats, one either side of the compartment and a sliding door to completely enclose us. It was marvellous. A whole carriage to ourselves.

I pulled down the blinds to the on corridor side of the compartment and he closed the ones on the outside of the train. It was warm and cosy although a little shoddy through wear. He unbuttoned my blouse, scooped up my breast in his hand and began to suck on the nipple.

Before long we were tearing at each others clothes. He pulled my panties off and threw them on the opposite seat and unzipped himself. Then without further ado he pulled down his boxers, lifted my skirt and bent me over the seat.

The rhythmic rocking of the train and his thrusts soon brought me to orgasm. A train is the perfect place to fuck but be careful you don’t get caught.

I once went on a fishing holiday with my boyfriend at the time. It just shows you how far you will go for love. I hate fishing and I’m not keen on fish either. Lol

Both of us were on the river bank waiting for him to get a bite and I was bored. I decided to make my own entertainment and unzipped his fly, exposed his cock and started to suck him off. He really got in to it and started to forget about his fishing.

The next thing I know we are both laying on the grass by the river and he parts my legs, pulls the gusset of my panties to one side and shoves his hard cock inside me. I was just about to come when I heard voices.

Eager to see who it was I leant round my guy and could just make out the figures of two guys walking up a path on the opposite side of the river. I quickly rolled from under my bloke and made look like nothing happened. That was a very close call. 😉

When I was a teenager and still living at home, between jobs I was given the responsibility of keeping an eye on building works as my parents were having an extension built on the house. My boyfriend at the time worked and he worked shifts, therefore he was sometimes free during the day.

So I would sneak him into the house when the builders were busy out at the back of the house. We would then go up to my room, where he would fuck my brains out whilst the builders continued there work only metres from my bedroom window. I didn’t make much noise when being fucked back then. Lol

We were caught once. My boyfriend had driven me down a well known lovers lane for a bit of hanky panky. There were several cars parked along the lane that night. All of which had very steamy windows.

He parked up a reasonable distance from the other cars and we started to get down to it. I removed my panties and jeans and straddled him on the front seat. He lowered the back of his seat slightly and pushed the seat back from the wheel.

Before long he was hard. Teenagers don’t take their time. I sat on his cock and started to bounce up and down on him. Then there was a tapping on the car window. Reluctantly he lowered the window enough to talk through.

A mans voice on the other side said “The car is stuck in some mud, could you give us a push please?”. We laughed, partly with relief at not being approached by the village nutter or even worse the police. I put on my jeans, he zipped up and we went to help out. Neither of us was much in the mood after that so he just drove me home.

More recently, Alex and I have been known to fuck on his parent’s sofa whilst they retired to bed. We were very careful…minimum of clothing removal just in case. He uzipped his fly, slipped out his cock and I lifted the back of my skirt and spooned with him. I came a couple of times and had to check the sofa for evidence very, very carefully after.

We also did it in his parents kitchen whilst they slept above us. I sat on top of the work surface and wrapped my legs around Alex as he stood in front of me with his trousers around his thighs along with his boxers.

He came and had to pull out of me quickly because we heard someone get up and move around above us. It turned out to be his father getting up for a pee. He then went to bed again. It rather killed the moment and we quickly straightened our clothes.

As we were about to leave the kitchen Alex spotted something…

…a dribble of cum was running down one of the cupboard doors. I wouldn’t have liked to explain how that got there to his mum. 🙂