Wet, Wet, Wet

By | May 24, 2010

Wet T ShirtWe took advantage of the glorious sunshine yesterday to do a spot of gardening. Well, after I spent the first three hours after I got up working on the sites.

Weeding is the order of the day and while I was doing it I came across some of the local wildlife hiding under leaves in one of the more densely planted parts of the garden. I reached in to yank out a handful of annual weeds loosely rooted in the leaf mould and brushed against something. The something jumped, and so did I.

The frog I had disturbed then sat staring at me, wondering if I was fancying amphibian for lunch. As I carefully weeded around the startled creature it occurred to me. It must lead quite a lonely life. We don’t have a pond and there is no standing water in the adjacent gardens so mating must be a question of trekking across fields and gardens to a suitable body of water and competing for a female to spawn with.

Glad I’m not a frog.

Anyway as it’s hot and a wet T shirt always brings a smile to everyone’s face I’ve posted the picture above. Enjoy.