Gettin’ My Love In Early

By | January 19, 2008, Doc Johnson DongWell, Valentines Day is fast approaching and although I’m not a true romantic at heart I never say no to chocolates, flowers, sex toys… 😉

And this morning we started our forays for suitable his and her gifts for Valentines by taking delivery of a couple of items from Bedtime Heaven. I’m not going to reveal what they are yet but I can’t wait to play with them.

You don’t have to be a romantic to either give or enjoy the pleasurable items out there so you guys who don’t want to be too soppy this year, there is lots of choice for you coming up too!

It was also a nice experience receiving my naughty little package this morning from a well built blonde guy instead of the wasp chewing git who normally delivers my packages. You know who I mean “The Rammer”, he didn’t make an appearance this morning

I’m off now because this parcel is beckoning me to be opened and I have to get the scissors to this one.

See you all later…

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