Sexy Roleplay

By | May 26, 2010

Emma emailed to us as an entry for the Birthday Competition: “Do you get paid for the videos you sometimes show here?”

Well Emma, no. But it’s a great idea! We now have to find someone willing to pay us to show them. While do produce our own sex toy demo videos to go with some of our reviews we don’t run commercial videos. If a video amuses us then it goes on the blog. We have been approached to run videos in the past but they have either been inappropriate or so lame that we couldn’t see the point.

I’m a fan of the Lynx male toiletries advertisements which run on television.  Their advertising team seem to have got the right balance of product placement and sexual content.  They know just how far to push the barriers to clear the stuffy censorships laws we have in this country.

And they certainly don’t disappoint with their latest campaign for Rise.  A very appropriate name for this shower gel and I love the video.  I’m not sure if it’s currently running on UK television but they have an excellent ad.