Can A Blowjob Be Dangerous?

By | January 20, 2008, AlexYou may not be aware that certain foods can taint your spunk. There, I bet that is news to some of you out there. Strong flavours like curry, garlic and cinnamon.

I need to thoroughly test this theory out but I don’t think I could quite complete my research in a weekend. Can you imagine the state Alex would be in when Monday morning came around. Lol

They claim this product can make your juices taste even juicier as it flavours them with the taste of fruit. Guys apparently take on the taste of a crisp green apple and the girls soft citrus. If anyone out there had tied this and made their own fruit salad I would love to hear all about it. 🙂 Then when you both cum a touch of cream is added. I know…I’m stopping right there.

But on a serious note, if what you have eaten does pass through you and in to your urine there could also be dangers for people with food allergies. Can you imagine sucking a guy off and he releases a little semen in to your mouth and before you know it his cock is stuck way back in your throat as it starts to swell up.

I wonder if this could happen with girls who have a nut allergy for example. You could quite literally choke on his cock and all the while he may just think you are coughing for effect to make him feel good about his proportions. 😉

Try explaining that one to the paramedic…

So, the moral of this post is “Be careful what you put in your mouth”. 😉

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