Bondage With the Neighbours

By | May 27, 2010

Bettie Page SpankingLong-time readers will know that when our neighbours first moved in we suspected they might be swingers. Well Suze did. She got the idea into her head and once lodged there she wouldn’t let it go.

Interestingly her suspicions weren’t without foundation. The number of different people coming and going was huge. The most persuasive bit of “evidence” was that the number of people in the house over night meant that unless they were mainly sleeping on the floor there would have been some very crowded beds.

The number of visitors has died off and although we never really found out who the legions of nocturnal revellers were it’s probably accurate to assume they probably have a big extended family.

That was until last night …

Suze was out and I was working. I heard a knock at the door. It was the couple from next door, so I invited them in.

She went into the lounge and he and I into the kitchen to make a drink. I was curious as to why they had come round. When we made our way to the lounge I found out why.

She had undressed down to a strappy leather catsuit type thing with metals studs. I was rather shocked, suddenly thinking they were suggesting Suze and I swing. Then he pulled out a thin printed magazine and showed it to me. It was a BDSM themed publication which he explained they wrote and published …

OK, at this point I realised it was a dream. A very, very weird dream that I can only ascribe to our initial rather mischievous suspicions about the couple. I’m chuckling about it now as that’s where the dream ended, with my surprise at the revelation that they were, in my dream at least, active BDSMers and publishers. This morning I didn’t have enough time to tell Suze about the dream so she’ll be reading about it the first time when she reads this.

Strange how the subconscious works isn’t it. Throwing up these things. But if one of our neighbours were to make such a revelation I wouldn’t be shocked. After all would you be shocked if one of your colleagues, friends or neighbours were to come out as say a sex blogger?

After you might know us and not realise it. LOL.