Day Trippin’

By | January 21, 2008, out of order tableWe’re off out and about today doing interesting things that you’ll hear about very shortly.

The picture is one I took yesterday in a pub we popped into. Despite what the sign said there’s nothing wrong with the table, it’s the pub roof that’s leaking. As we’re getting a lot of rain at the moment this particular corner seat is uninhabitable. The table’s positioning was just to stop customers sitting under the dripping bit of roof. The notice tickled me all the same.

While we were out I bought the first series of Life On Mars on DVD. Weirdly we’d never caught it when it aired on BBC1 though I did write a series of stories (Mikes Adventures in Porn Land) that one reader thought was inspired by the drama. I’ll republish one of them at lunchtime today. While the time slipping ideas is common to both the TV series and my stories, that’s about all they actually have in common.

I don’t think the BBC would have made my series, even for post watershed viewing. LOL

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