A Naughty Visit

By | January 22, 2008

Alex Suze, SuzeAlex and I hit the road yesterday to go and visit some lovely people we were interviewing for A-Rouse.com. Without giving too much away they are involved in adult naughtiness.

After a reasonable trip we arrived at their offices and were greeted by Gavin, a very pleasant young man who I wouldn’t say no to if he asked! 😉 And with his girlfriend’s permission, although I don’t think she would want to share.

The proprietors Jim and Jen were very nice, helpful and accommodating. Jim has a very mischeivous look and a personality to match, he is witty, bright and has a glint in his eye. I bet Jen never gets bored, if you know what I mean.

I’m so going to get in to trouble with these guys. 😉

Whilst Jen was very open, warm and honest and once again that accent had me. Not sure which state she if originally from in the USA but she has a wonderful twang, not at all caustic or brash but soothing and did I also mention she was worth one too!  In fact, I wonder if they are in to swinging?  Now, there is a thought.  😉

Despite all the letching we did manage to get some very good editorial which we will be featuring over the coming days. They ever said we may get to try one of their products out which would be brilliant and I’m sure you all would love to hear about it because you are after all just like me dirty…or at least I hope you are. Lol

So watch this space for more on this item.