Rammed With Sex Toys

By | May 30, 2010

Two cocksJay and Georgia have entered another question for our Birthday competition.  Remember there are only a few days left to enter and you could win a FREE sex toy every month for a year at no cost to you, not even the packaging.

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And so without further ado here is their question:

Alex and Suze

Cheers ! This is Jay from Fit To Be Tied.

I have a question for you, after reviewing sex toys for such a long period of time, my query to you would be: what do you do with the toys after you review them ? Do they get tossed into the field with the sheep to dispose of ? Or have you been slowly collecting them to assemble that super obedient Alex 2.0 ? Or perhaps Alex is making some kind of more efficient kitchen apparatus ?

First off I will start off by saying I’m one of life’s natural horders, I hate throwing anything away which may be useful but there comes a point when you have to rationalise.

We have been reviewing toys for over 5 years now and if I had kept everything we have reviewed I think we would be having problems manoeuvring around the house, there would have been toys bursting out of every room, on the stairs and landing and bursting forth from cupboards.

What I usually tend to do is hold on to the toys which have made their way in to my bedside drawers, which by definition are the ones that do the job.  😉  I also keep hold of the top quality products and more unusual items, which are then boxed and put in to storage.

It really goes through me that I have to regularly place items in the bin because we have no adequate way to recycle them.  I’ve even considered putting them out in the charity bags we are left to fill on a regular basis.  And of course there is the regular collection by the scouts for their jumble sales.  That would bring a smile to the ladies rummaging through the old clothing and bric a brac.  Lol