By The Way I’m Bi!

By | January 23, 2008

AlexSuzeI have never kept it a secret that I am bisexual. It was a little difficult revealing my sexual orientation to Alex when we first met, not in terms of how he reacted…he was fine. But the actual act of “coming out” as it were.

You can never be sure how someone will react when they are told and I know that most men would probable be happy if their partner revealed they were bi. Even, so you just can’t be sure of the way someone will react.

We are lucky because we have an understanding and an honesty which transcends any sexual nuance. Both of us like to explore different facets of our sexuality both independently and as a couple.

If I were to be approached by another girl on a sexual level, I know that Alex would be 100% behind me. He wants me to enjoy myself and be true to my inner most feelings. It’s a fact that I find women as attractive as men and he likes that aspect of me, in fact it could be said that he encourages me.

I was prompted to evaluate what it means to be bisexual last night when I watched an adult television program. It raised the point that women who are bi “want to have their cake and eat it”. Pointing out that there is a common feeling amongst lesbian women that they are not totally approving of bisexual women.

It’s something I have never given thought to before. Is it possibly a feeling born out of the fact that we may be playing at it, not quite wanting to be purest and therefore totally mistrusted? Or is it because we are never totally attainable, because we need cock every now and then too?

I’ll be the first to admit that I could not become a lesbian, I love men too much to do that. However, I would still be devoted to a girl in the same way I would a guy. I don’t play at anything which involves someone’s feelings and the possibility of my partner being hurt.

My bisexuality is a part of me, just like being a lesbian is not a lifestyle choice but a natural urge, an instinct if you like. I can’t just turn it off and on when I feel like it. If you turn my head when I’m on the street it is a gut reaction, a reflex I have for a girls I find attractive.

So, ladies…is there anyone out there reading this post who can give me a true lesbian opinion on this because like most I don’t always believe what I hear in the media. I would love to hear someone else’s take on this to give balance to the whole issue and educate any other bisexual female who may stop by and read this post.

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