Sex Inside, In and Out

By | June 1, 2010

Two Girls With DildosWe are surprised at the number of people who participated in our 5th Birthday competition which is almost coming to a close.  We apologise If you didn’t see your name and questions appear but we have had quite a few duplicate questions and obviously could only post one set up.

The following questions were submitted by Sam.

How many sex toy’s have you tested?

We haven’t been counting but over the last 5 years we must have tested hundreds of products.  And we still find it as exciting and as much fun as we did all those years ago.  I can be seen jumping up and down sometimes at the thought of opening something I have really been waiting to get my hands on.

Have you kept them all or were some so terrible you threw them away?

Because we simply don’t have the space to store every product we review they are generally kept if they fit in to one of two categories (we have to be ruthless)

The product was of good quality, or it landed a place in my bedside draw, which means it’s an effective product

If you have kept them, do you have a huge cupboard just for them? As in the 5 years you must have accumulated a lot.

We try to store our toys in large plastic crates because they stack well and keep them clean.  Most of our toys are in the attic but we also have some in the bedroom and if they are awaiting review, in the office.

Which is your Favorite?

I don’t have one particular favourite because there are so many toys which work on the body in different ways making it hard to select one toy alone.  Some are good clit vibes, others are good g-spot toys and some excellent massagers.

Have you had to replace any as they have broken?

None of the toys I have tested required replacing because to be honest sometimes I only get chance to use a toy a couple of times because there is always something new waiting in the wings for testing and review.

Any sex horror stories? i.e. like the urban legends of genital piercings getting caught on each other and have to call paramedics to separate you?

Long before I became involved in adult blogging or testing and reviewing toys I had an encounter with a squash ball which will forever remain in memory.  I’ll write this up as a separate post in the near future because it was funny but scary at the same time and requires more time than I can give here.