Suze’s Russian Hooker

By | June 2, 2010


Propositioned By A Russian Hooker …

We like all popular sites get a lot of comment spam, most of it is filtered out and never actually displays. You would think after a while they would give up as their comments/ads aren’t appearing on the site but they don’t.

I know most of these are generated by spam bots and don’t involve human intervention but some comments are obviously done by hand for advertising purposes. And just like the rest end up in the virtual spam bin.

Occasionally we get some humorous ones too which don’t fit in at all with the sites they are promoting, especially the religious ones. And yes we get our fair share of the perverts and sickos just like everyone else.

But today I was amused by a comment from a Russian hooker advertising her site and services. I’m an open minded girl and if she wants to advertise on the site she can drop me a line and we will come some terms. Lol

Enterprising to say the least.