Sexy Underwear

By | June 4, 2010

Kate MossI used to have quite a wonderful underwear collection it made me feel good to wear it. My collection of corsets or basques as we used to know them was quite extensive, I had most colours imaginable.

My g-strings were so small that they would only just cover most of a card beer mat and could slice through cheese if required. Lol I had cami knickers, stockings, bodysuits and everything in between.

These days I do wear the odd bit of naughty underwear but I don’t wear it quite as often as I used to. Nowadays I opt for the comfort factor more than I used to. I’m not sure if this is a sign that I am at last comfortable with who I am and therefore means that I am more than the sum of my attire. Or if I just got a bit lazy.

Either way it does avoid the inevitable. Washday. For me there was never a problem hanging out stockings, g-strings and corsets out to dry on the washing line in the back garden. I’m not so sure these days, I would probably opt for drying inside on the clothes airer.

Am I getting older and more sensible, less of a risk taker or is it something else…