Sex Games For Swingers – Part 1

By | June 4, 2010

SwingersThe four women stood in the bedroom their breathing becoming faster, chests rising and falling. They were all wearing light dresses of different colours and high heels. One of them was shuffling a deck of cards, her tongue flicked across her red painted lips as she put the deck on the bedside table.

“Lowest watches, Ace is high. OK?”

The other three nodded and then each in turn took a few cards from the deck and held them flat on their chest. Then when each had cut they showed their card.

Eight, Jack, five, nine.

The possessor of the five of diamonds shrugged, “I’ll have to have fun with Matt.”

The other three turned their backs to her in a well rehearsed ritual. She unzipped their dresses and one by one the women shrugged them from their shoulders and wiggled them over their hips.

A blindfold was slipped over each of their heads and the “loser” led them to the bed, two on one side, one on the other laying with her head between the first two. They all wore black stockings, one with hold-ups , tiny white panties and a flimsy bra barely containing her ripe breasts. The other two wore suspenders, the woman at the foot of the bed wearing red satin knickers and matching bra , the other with a purple basque and black lace covering her pussy.

Each woman felt a tap on her leg and raised them to allow the clothed woman to remove their knickers. As the first pussy was uncovered its owner let out a surprised squeal of joy. A tongue had insinuated itself along her moist valley and lapped for a moment at her slit.

“You are a dirty cow Michelle!” cried out one of the others, guessing that Michelle was indulging her taste for pussy.

Michelle treated the other two to a little lick as she removed their knickers then left the room to inform her husband that in this round they were to be spectators.

A few minutes later three blindfolded men were led into the room by Matt and Michelle. Each was knelt between the legs of a woman and the game began.  Each man lapped at his allocated pussy for five minutes. The women were not allowed to speak but they could not stifle their moans, they could never stifle the sounds of enjoyment this game solicited. Hands grasped at the men’s hair pulling them in.

Between her hold-ups Karen could feel the head of a man with a powerful tongue. She could tell it was not her own husband he was currently lapping the juice from the pussy of one of her friends and the thought of that coupled with their moans tipped her over the edge. Her cunt flowed with heavily scented nectar that her pet tongue lapped up with unbridled eagerness. Her thighs clamped around the head and the powerful insistent tongue pushed deep inside her hole. She came with a howl and only just managed to suppress the urge to drag the architect of the orgasm on top of her and force him to fuck her.

Soon the men were moved round and Karen knew her husband’s tongue was now tasting the issue of her orgasm caused minutes earlier by another man. Her husband’s tongue was more adventurous, familiar with what she liked. He toyed with her a while tempting her to guide his head down but eventually moving lower himself to probe her anus with the tip of his tongue. He could feel her anal sphincter twitch as he touched it and circled her asshole. She started to relax, opening slightly and inviting him to push inside a little before tensing again when he did.

Her third lapping lackey sucked at her clitoris, biting a little and causing her to yelp. Her mind weighed up the first and second men’s performance and techniques. Which was which? The hard sucking she suddenly felt on her inner labia gave her the clue she needed to identify all three pussy eaters.

Finally the men were led away and all three women wrote three names on a piece of paper, before handing it to Michelle. The men then returned and Michelle announced the winner – it was Karen’s husband Steve …