Will I Ever Get Inside Busty’s Pants?

By | January 26, 2008

AlexSuzeBusty was a little subdued and quiet this morning, not the usual bright and breezy girl that she normally is. The morning wore on and she revealed that her and her boyfriend had decided to call it a day last night.

It sounds awful but I wanted to stand up and cheer, it gives me the opportunity to get work my magic on her and see if she responds. 😉 Instead I stood up walked over to her desk and gave he a huge boob to boob hug. My oh my, she has a delicious set of breasts. I hope she didn’t notice me sneaking a quick look down her low cut top. 😉 Magnificent is all I can say. *drool*

They had apparently drifted apart and the spark they originally had has faded and died. I wanted to offer her comfort and suggest she could always come over to mine if she gets lonely. I could hear the words in my head but I just couldn’t bring myself to say them, it sounded a little too pushy. Softly, softly…

I’m not quite sure exactly how she feels about me yet. We have moments when we laugh together and she will inadvertently place a hand on my knee or arm. She likes to get close but I’m not sure how to read this, some people are just touchy feely I suppose.

Over the coming weeks I do intend to spend some nights out with her if she is open to the idea. We need to spend some time away from work together for me to best access the situation. This sounds awfully contrived and conspiratorial doesn’t it?

I’m sure it would be easier if I was after a guy, you can more or less tell if a man is interested in you from his body language and conversation but a girl is a bit more difficult. And I don’t want to frighten her off.

Horny and I managed to cheer her up by engaging her in some dirty talk. That always works. Lol

But we didn’t expect her to come out with the story she told.

So, we had a great day…Hah! You thought I wasn’t going to tell you then didn’t you?

We were all talking about boyfriends we had in the past and how they help shape and develop you emotionally and more particularly through experience, sexually.

Busty went on to say that her younger sister had once gone out with a guy who asked her if she would shit on a glass table above him. She said he seemed to be obsessed with getting her sister to do this for him and eventually asked for her to shit in his mouth.

I must say I find corophilia one of the most unusual fetishes to get my head around. I had to stop myself from blurting out, “so he was in to coprophilia then?”. At work I need to suppress my knowledge of things sexual or they may start to guess that Suze is not all that she seems. 😉

Just as I was poised with questions relating to said fetish the fucking phone rang and the conversation moved on. How do you bring the subject up again without sounding a little too interested? That will be my dilemma this weekend. Any ideas anyone?

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