Fuck And Squirt

By | January 28, 2008

AlexSuze, SzueAfter little nephew left we were dying for a fuck and slightly weary. He is wonderful to have and even better to give back. We dropped him off and then came straight back home to rest. His sleep pattern is a little askew and he woke several times in the night.

So when we got back home we went to bed to catch up on a little shut eye. You wouldn’t normally catch us asleep in the afternoon, we may be in bed fucking but rarely sleeping.

We watched some television and then my eyelids became heavy and that is all I can remember until I woke up with someone rolling my nipples between their fingers. I love that, it makes me go warm and tingly.

Alex had his hand on my right breast and was spooning behind me as I slipped back in to consciousness once more. It’s a very arousing way to be woken from your sleep, having your partner play with your nipples whilst lavishing kisses on the base of your neck.

I eased up on to my left elbow, took hold of the bottom of my nightshirt and pulled it over my head. When I turned to face Alex he was smiling. You can always tell when he is feeling horny. 😉

“Did you sleep well?”, he enquired. “Yes, did you?”, I replied.

He placed his hand behind my head and pulled me on to his open mouth. Tongues jostled and probed tasting each other, flicking around entwining. His hand took hold of my breast as I reached down to his groin. That cock was already stiffening without my attention. He must have had a naughty dream to wake so aroused. But who was I to complain…I hope I was in it!

Alex pushed my left shoulder back against the bed and my body turned and lay flat on the warm mattress. Without a word he parted my legs and strode between them. Something caught my eye…Oh, it was a big hard cock bouncing around looking for sanctuary.

“You’re not wasting any time”, I said in a teasing tone. “Shut up and take your cock like a good girl”, he retorted. Oooh, I do like it when he gets all dominating with me, giving up control is a mind fuck for me. It’s not just about the physical, the relinquishing of ones power to someone you trust is so stimulating to the senses.

He pushed between my legs and I bent my knees and tilted my pelvis to aid both his entry and angle my g-spot towards his incoming cock. With one deep thrust he was inside me but he had caught my left labia and pulled it in with him. I reached down to free the fleshy lip.

I couldn’t resist grasping that hard cock at its base as he started to work in and out of my moist gash. He withdrew until he almost slipped free and I could feel the moisture I had coated him with. The smell of my own pussy juice filled my nostrils.

Then back in he forged, right to the back of me. His cock was massaging my g-spot and I felt as if I was about to piss for a moment. He looked down on me with enlarged pupils as he pushed his way back inside my hot sweet pussy.

I started to buck in time with his thrusts, increasing the contact with my g-spot. We were now making the bed rock as he fucked harder and deeper inside me. Another stroke and I was climaxing beneath him, moaning and shouting for him to fuck me. I turned my head in to the pillow, I was aware how load I was and didn’t want to entertain the neighbours after they just ate Sunday lunch. Lol

The more he plummeted in to me the more I wanted him, deeper, deeper… I wrapped my lower legs over his back and he continued to fuck grunting, visceral, beyond the point of no return. He was possessed, hungry, a man on a mission. His face was deep in concentration with eyes closed as he continued without a break in rhythm to fuck my brains out.

I could feel my orgasm rising again from deep within me. Everything started to tingle and I started to moan loudly again. I turned my head back in to the pillow. Then FUCK! I felt like I had exploded and was floating around in space. My body started to quiver and I became aware that my lower abdomen and mons were wet but I didn’t want to pee before we started so how could I…

At that moment Alex gave a final thrust and then ejaculated inside me. Then the slow small movements of his hips milked the last from him. He let out an almighty, “Aggghhhhh” and then collapsed at the side of me, legs akimbo cock laying against his stomach, its tip glistening and moist.

I looked down towards my pussy and my groin was wet through. Then it hit me…

That wasn’t piss, it was ejaculate. I had just squirted when we were having sex. It’s the first time it has happened whilst fucking. Wow, I can squirt!

I want to stand up and shout it out loud but they would probably lock me up for it. Lol

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