My First DIY C.O.

By | November 13, 2006

This morning was spent catching up with my blogger buddies and in the afternoon I decided to take a break from the PC screen.  Alex was at work and I found myself feeling very randy.  So I disappeared off to the bedroom to lie back on the bed and watch some porn.

I closed the curtains just in case anyone could see in to the bedroom.  After all I wouldn’t want them to have a coronary as most of them are well in to old age around us.  🙂  Our porn DVD’s are now on top of the cupboards out of little nephew’s way, the last thing we want is for him to find them and run in holding one in his hand, lol.

We have quite a few to choose from but I hadn’t seen Cum Beggars by Third Degree for a while so I decided to slip that in to the player and then lay back on the bed.  The sun was filling the room with a warm red glow as it cut through the curtains.  I began to feel a little self indulgent and naughty going to bed in the afternoon to watch some porn.

I started the video up and began to watch the first scene with David Perry and Rita Faltoyano but it just didn’t seem to be hitting the spot.  With a quick press of the skip button, I got to the scene featuring Jennifer S and some German guy, they were fucking outdoors on a patio somewhere in the former eastern block.  This was more like it but not quite what I had in mind.  I pressed skip once more.

This time the scene featured Julie Silver and some guys (If you know the name of the guys let me know.  They only seem to name females in porn.  Lol).  The action didn’t take long to start, she was there rubbing her pussy through her panties, then rubbing her tits.  Next thing you know she is naked with a guy either side of her.  Now things were beginning to warm up.  I felt my pussy tingle.

She was now sat in the middle of the two guys on the sofa.  Wanking them both simultaneously, one in each hand.  As soon as they were both hard, one guy got up off the sofa and she lay in the lap of the other, giving him a good tonguing and blowing him very convincingly.  The other guy stood and wanked over her as she sucked the other guy’s dick. 

Then out came the purple butt plug.  She pushed it in to her ass and whilst she continued to suck the guy off.  A couple of butt fucks with the plug and she pushed it in to her pussy.  I was already twitching with desire to be fucked myself.  My groin was aching and pulsing, I needed to release.

I opened the button and flies on my khaki cargo pants and pushed my hands in to my panties.  My pussy was wet, no correction it was slimy wet.  My fingers parted my labia and I began to run my clitoris with my index finger.  This didn’t quite feel right so I switched to my middle finger.  Ouch!  I must remember to cut my nails, it’s far more practical.

The middle finger was now doing the trick.  I rubbed it up and down my clit which was swelling under my touch.  Alex has always managed to bring me to orgasm by clitoral stimulation but I had no idea how he did it.  I had never watched or tried myself.

I switched to rubbing my clit from side to side but that didn’t seem to be as stimulating.  Up and down movements were good!  At first my touch was nice but not doing much towards bringing me off.  I didn’t seem to be as sensitive as I had been when I came in the past.  Then…bang…out of the blue my clit became really sensitised.  Each motion I made became more and more pleasurable.

Instinctively I brought my legs together and crossed just my feet.  Pressing one foot down on to the other and simultaneously squeezing my buttock together.  For some reason this position heightened the intensity of my digital action.  Try it girls and see if it works for you.  I get a tingling in my back as I pull my buttocks in and push my pelvis upwards, meeting my own hand.

I opened my eyes again to look at the screen.  Julie Silver was now kneeling on the sofa with one foot on the floor.  She had the blonde guys cock in her mouth and the brunette was fucking her ass, with the square bottomed butt plug still in her pussy.

Well that pushed me over the edge.  I began to feel tingling in my feet, fingers and lower spine.  I tilted my pelvis further upwards, sticking my clit in to the air.  My finger gathered more speed as I rubbed the mucous up and down my clit.  I started to convulse as my orgasm came.  Raising my back of the bed and trembling.

I continued to rub.  This was something I didn’t think I would be able to do, continue to frig myself when I was coming.  My hand was wet with cum and I had to stop my rubbing as my clit was now hyper sensitive to touch.  I should imagine that is exactly how you guys feel when you have spilled you seed too.

A smile appeared on my face as I realised I had just had just given myself a first diy clitoral orgasm.

Alex, this is why I looked so happy when you came home this evening and why I told you to read this post before asking any more questions…