Dirty Cyber Sex

By | June 12, 2010

We were sent a wonderful question from WS but it was too late to participate in the our Birthday competition but it was so good that I thought I would respond to it as a separate post.

The winner of the competition will be announced on here shortly, to be honest we are having a real struggle to select a winner.  And that lucky person will be receiving a toy per month for the next year .  So good luck if you have entered.

And so without further ado I give you WS’s question.

Dear Suze and Alex,

My question involves the cyber sex post Suze put up on 10 February. Taken on face value this was another typically hot picture into your sex lives, and God knows you write about some damned hot stuff from time to time. The posts that I find to be extremely hot are those in which either of you talk about events concerning one of your fuck festivals.I know it is not just sex, that it is love too, but it sure is hot hearing you talk about it.

My initial reaction to this post was just that: “That’s fucking hot! Those two kids sure have a wonderful sex life, and I am glad they share it with their readers.”

And then I thought: “WTF? That wasn’t Alex with whom Suze just had great and wet cybersex. I wonder what Ms. WS would think about me engaging in mutually satisfying cyber sex with a hot young graduate teaching assistant at Berkley who likes to get drunk and pose nude in her married lover’s home when his wife and kids are off visiting his mother-in-law?” Well, actually I knew what Ms. WS would have to say about that, which is why I stopped corresponding with said TA, although I must admit she was extremely literate (quite a turn on) and had wonderful nipples.

Suze, I am curious to know what you thought about this fun with cyber sex thing after the heat of the moment had cooled.  Have you done it again with Mr. X or with others? How did you tell Alex the dirty details of your escapades? How did Alex respond? Did either of you feel it was over the edge, this cybering with a stranger, or do you view it as just taking advantage of a little offered stimulation and riding that to the logical conclusion?

Firstly I would like to point out that Alex and I trust each other implicitly and as such are comfortable with each other doing a little flirting, although I have to admit that I have more opportunity presented to me than Alex.  Lol

I have a very high sex drive which is one of the reasons that you are able to read about Alex and Suze today.  This blog was started over 5 years ago to enable both of us to channel some of our dirty thoughts and deeds directly out to the reader.  And even now you will still find that we post about our sexual trysts all these years on because for us our sex lives have been a voyage of discovery.  I know that can sound a little cliché but it’s exactly how we feel about it.

The opportunity presented itself for me to engage in cyber sex on a social networking site and I thought what the heck, it’s a bit of fun, I feel randy and I write some of my best stuff when my head is in the right place.  I enjoyed the experience and outlet…and dare I say it…totally without guilt.

In my mind this wasn’t like adultery or even cheating on Alex therefore why should I feel guilty.  Both of the participants knew it wouldn’t lead to anything other than a good wank.  And that’s all it is.  I watch porn and wank on  a regular basis for reviewing and personal purposes.  This was just another form, some would say a more creative form of wanking, using both the body and soul.  Oooh listen to me getting all philosophical.  🙂

I haven’t engaged in any cyber sex since but that wasn’t a conscious effort on my part, simply that the opportunity hasn’t arisen since.  Given that I wasn’t feeling at all guilty about my afternoon tryst I told Alex about it openly that evening and he jus smiled, he knows what I’m like and he didn’t mind at all.

Every sexual experience should be enjoyed if only once, then at least you can say with assurity that you tried it and it wasn’t for you.  Sexual enlightenment and enrichment is very much a part of both of our lives and ensures that we have a rich and meaningful relationship.

You never know what tomorrow may bring but grab it by the balls and make the best of it as long as it isn’t hurting anyone, that’s fine.