Some Girls Will Do Anything For Sex

By | January 29, 2008

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but my work colleagues are great but they are the most desperate pair I have come across in a long while. They are both single and eager to find a man. I wish it was a woman..*sigh* Busty would enjoy the attention I could give her. 😉

Both of them have been finding ways to entrap men for years. I don’t know why because both are attractive, it’s just that Busty is nearer my age.

Today they sort of gave me a brief history of their experiments with ensnarement. Lol

It turns out that before I started to work with them they targeted the local garage service manager. I think there is a joke in there somewhere but I’ll leave that to you. 😀 Being girlies they don’t know their cam shaft from their prop shaft…Ooohh! Listen to her sounding as if she knows what she is talking about. Lol

They had both taken their cars to him for servicing and after a while they came to trust him and at the same time took a shine to him. But Busty admitted that although he gave them a good service and discounted his rates…he wasn’t the kind of guy she could go for.

Then one night Busty (who Reg had made a play for) was down town having a drink in a bar and he approached her from behind, taking her by surprise. She said she was a little tipsy and all she could remember was his big face beaming down on her and she felt ill. Not a good thing.

I think she shunned him and…well, that was the end of that!

Then as I took up my position with the company Busty had found a new target. The stationary supplies guy. I suspected that she had a thing for him but you don’t like to say anything when you are new.

She would invite him over to discuss stationary and spend lots of time talking to him out of the way in reception where we couldn’t over hear them. I have to admit he was tall dark and handsome but a little too well groomed for my liking. He looked like a high maintenance kind of guy.

I think if my memory serves me well he played her for her orders and then she found out during one of their conversations exactly what the score was. He had a fiancé. End of story.

Then Busty got religion and she almost persuaded Horny to join her. Busty had attended her local weekly Fat Fighters club and spotted a hot guy from the side. When he turned round he was wearing a dog collar with the suit.

It turned out he was from the church next door. She was smitten and I remember walking in to work the next day to become part of Busty and Horny’s conversation about conversion to Catholicism.

They had decided in the 10 minutes since arriving to join the local church. Telling me that there was a great sense of belonging and community about joining the church. What they really meant to say is that they had found a great supply of cock. 😉

Over the following hours before lunchtime I managed to persuade them that church is for life not just for a one night stand. They listened and didn’t get religion after all.

This brings us up to date. Today they were discussing joining a Salsa class. “There will be some great guys there”, commented Horny. I’m not sure, replied Busty. “You will find a man there for sure”, Horny bounced back.

“I just don’t fancy some guy pressing against by breasts”, responded Busty. “I don’t want some bad breathed old bugger snuggling up to my boobs”, she added. “I always end up with the dirty old man”.

I’m not sure if this dancing idea will reach fruition but I would love to be her partner…