Squealing White Gussets

By | June 16, 2010

Ball Play 😉

The only sports I really like are motor sports and winter sports. Tennis never really gripped me. I think it is filed in my school memories along with netball and hockey as being one sport I have absolutely no affiliation with.

In fact at school I hated hockey, which for me symbolised standing around on hard frosty turf in a pleated skirt being bloody freezing. And netball as being a defender and having to jump in front of people all the time with your hands in the air. Both sports for me being demoralising and not at all character building.

I would occasionally catch some tennis on television but made no attempt to watch it. However, the noises made on court were always intriguing, the grunts, moans and everything in between that players claim are part of their play.

Some claim that making these ridiculous noises actually helps them hit the ball harder. Who knows for me it seems like a tactic to put your opponent off and I don’t even play. Lol

But taking this to the extreme is the 16 year old Michelle Larcher de Brito, she takes the sport to whole new heights. I just wonder if she is wearig something inside the gusset of her tennis whites…