Deep In Porn

By | January 31, 2008, SuzeI always used to work on the principle that pens were cheap and my time was expensive. As I always used to lose ball point pens I ensured there were sufficient around the house and in my briefcase that no matter where I put one down, if I subsequently needed a pen I would find one just under my hand because my environment was saturated with them. Since the PC became my primary method of recording and ordering my thoughts that is less the case.

I now rarely use a pen, except when scribbling notes at work, they still haven’t perfected a device that’s as convenient as the back of an envelope for recording stuff on an ad-hoc basis.

Something else has taken over our house, saturating it.


As regulars will know we do have a slight problem with toy spillage from the hiding places we have for them in cupboards, and wardrobes. It’s getting worse by the day and now add to that the associated material from A-Rouse that we get in connection with the articles over there and we have a problem. We’ve discussed it before, but it’s not like you can take any of the stuff we have to the charity shop; Oxfam don’t have a section for dildos. And the literature all has to be shredded before it goes in the paper recycling bin.

The immersion in porn also has an insidious effect on our behaviour and communication with others. It’s got to the point where I often get paranoid about how I express myself at work. Or to be exact, how I just expressed myself, often wondering if something I just said and the slight but noticeable pause that followed was everyone thinking, “Did he just say that”.

Talking to people within the adult industry, as we are doing these days (because of many don’t have this problem. Either their full time job is in the industry, and/or their family know, so there are less opportunities for faux pas.

It’s having to walk the line between the online and the real world which is causing the problem. So for now we’ll keep up the porn-sweeps and watch what we say in front of the parents hehehe.