House Of Porn 1

By | June 16, 2010

Black Panties“Fucking miserly old BASTARD!” cursed Vernon as he stormed out of the solicitors office slamming the door behind him. His two brothers, while stunned sat in a rather smug silence with their respective wives and started working out exactly how disgustingly wealthy they were.

Vernon reached his car and realised it wasn’t his car anymore. He drove it as carefully as his red hot anger would allow back to the factory and parked it diagonally across both of his brother’s parking spaces. He went to his office, realised the only thing of any meaning was the picture of him and his recently departed father and threw that against the wall.

His PA stood up as he left and asked rather uncertainly “Are you alright Mr Carabas?”

“Do I look alright?” He glared at her for a moment. “Sarah, sorry, it’s not your fault. You better ask my brothers.” He proffered his hand his hand which she took, the realisation slowly dawning on her that he was leaving the building for the last time. “Sarah, thanks you have been great.”

There was an awkward moment where he wondered if she was expecting something else. Then the moment was gone and he left. On the way to the lift he made a final call on his mobile phone for a taxi to collect him from the nearest pub then dropped the phone into the shirt pocket of a bewildered office junior in reception.


The warm stillness that can only be derived from a bottle of whisky surrounded Vernon. His eyes were about to close, the anger now dulled by alcohol. Into his comfortable haven a sharp rattling began to intrude. It took several seconds for him to realise that someone was knocking on his door.

He opened his door to a Sarah.

“Can I come in?” She asked.

“Do you want to come?”  He replied.

“Are you drunk?” she said.

“Do I look drunk?” Vernon slurred.

“Shall we stop the questions?” said Sarah, head on one side.

“What’s wrong with questions?” Vernon blinked, and then laughed for the first time that day. “Come in …”


“So he left you nothing?” Sarah said softly.

“Well he did leave me XY Press Ltd, the smallest company in the group. Turnover last year 120 thousand, profit nil”.

“Well actually it made a loss last year of about 180 thousand.” Sarah corrected him.

“Oh marvellous. You didn’t come here to cheer me up did you?” Vernon squinted at her increasingly blurred shape. “Because it’s not working.”

“No I came here to ask for a job, I left Carabas and Sons this afternoon.”

Vernon laughed. He laughed so hard he started coughing and Sarah had to fetch him a glass of water.

“Sarah, I’m sorry. It was the irony of you asking me for a job when I’m probably poorer than you are now. Look, I’d love to employee you but recent events have left me, erm, how can I put this, totally fucking broke.”

“I know, if it helps I’ll work for nothing for a while. I mean I’ve nothing else to do.” She smiled weakly.

“So how did my dear brothers take your resignation letter?”

“It wasn’t exactly a letter. they offered me a job with that creepy QA manager and I told them to fuck off.”

This time Vernon just giggled for a while before the whisky finally dragged him into a deep and snore-filled slumber.

Sarah dug out a blanket from a cupboard in the bedroom and covered Vernon. She stood and watched him for a while and wondered if she ought to …

Her hand was already on her leg, pulling up the hem of her skirt. He would never know.

She pulled up the skirt and tugged her panties down and over her heels then lay back on the sofa opposite him rubbing her clitoris. Her pussy was moist, she hadn’t realised how moist. She was always like this when she thought about him, when he talked to her on the phone, when he was near her in the office. He never gave her a second. But this was different, they were both in dire straits and yet still he woke the sexual beast inside her.

Her middle finger toyed with her button sending shivers across her stomach and up her back. She pinched her clit gently with thumb and forefinger, it was so sensitive tonight. The room began to fill with her scent, rich and sexual and with nobody but her able to enjoy it. She thought of stopping, only for a moment though as the image of her cumming while he slept, oblivious to the lust he woke within her drove her onwards.

Her fingers slid down the rift of her labia and skidded effortlessly across the hairless skin. The tips of her digits found the hot entrance to her soft canal and slid inside. She reached forward, pushing three fingers in almost to the second knuckle before sliding them out again. She raised the fingers to her lips to taste herself and slipped her other hand between her legs.

She sucked on her fingers, smearing the remains of her lipstick across her cheek and rubbed her clit with her other hand. She began to tense, the orgasm building within her. The muscles of her anus contracted, her buttocks clenched, ripples of breathtaking ecstasy gripped her pussy making her shake and then a cry of joy muffled by the fingers in her mouth leapt from her lips. Her back arched and her face contorted at the very zenith of her pleasure

Vernon stirred slightly . As Sarah’s orgasm subsided she noticed him move. The thrill of the orgasm was replaced by the fear that she would be discovered masturbating on her bosses sofa. She realised that the fear was almost as intoxicating as the climax she had just experienced.

Sarah got up, skirt still up around her waist. Her pussy on display, wet and fragrant. She walked towards the door meaning to freshen up in the bathroom but stopped for a moment next to his prone form. She slipped her fingers into her cunt and with the glistening digits placed a few drops of her juices under his nose.