Porn, Just What The Doctor Ordered ;)

By | June 17, 2010

StockingsI went through a phase of trying to get hold of proper porn some years ago from the local sex shop.  In those days the only type you could get hold of was the 18 rated variety, not the see everything close up R18 productions you can get now.

In my quest to find productions which didn’t cut away at that vital moment I had seedy meetings in car parks and various other experiences just to get to see some good hardcore porn.  These were the days when you could only buy sex toys which were flesh toned and phallic in shape.  Lol

How times have changed.  You can now slip in to any adult store and purchase, providing you are over 18 hardcore material.  I was reminded of all this whilst reading a story in the paper relating to Peter Andre.

He had a stint in hospital and Jonathan Ross sent him some porn in to keep him happy.  Now that’s what friends are for and it’s certainly better than a bunch of grapes. Is this a guy thing?  I can’t imagine any of my girlfriends buying porn for me or male friends for that matter.  Lol

You can read the full story here.