And Now Time For A Wank Break

By | June 18, 2010

RonaldoThis world cup thing is driving me mad and it’s only just started.  There seems to be little or nothing else to watch, it’s like all the other channels have decided not to compete.  Why I ask?  I’m sure there are lots of other people just like me scraping through the decaying bones of viewing material trying to find some meat to pull from the bones.

But there’s nothing!  That is unless you want to watch repeats or Big Brother which is being drip fed to us yet again this year in small edited sound bites, nothing like the streamed version we used to get.

The only way you will get me remotely interested in football is if the hunk at the top of this post is involved.  This is taken from Ronaldo’s latest advertising campaign for Armani.  Now there’s a pair of balls I would love to get my hands on.  😉