How Do You Like Your Porn?

By | June 18, 2010

Naughty BBQBack in the day when I still went out clubbing until the silly hours we would turn out on to the street with our alcohol fuelled appetites and head for the nearest eatery.  Yes I know that’s a posh word for kebab shop.  Lol

It’s amazing what you will eat and enjoy devouring when you have the munchies.  I can’t envisage ever craving a kebab like the ones I would eat sober.  Yet it was a heavenly snack in the early hours of the morning.

That said I don’t recall every buying anything from one of the dodgy caravans which always parked up in town just waiting for individuals like me to stroll by.  I probably had more common sense, realising that an established take away was less liable to give you a bad case of the shits than a fly by night mobile snack bar.

Although the one that I just read about in the paper does have a slight appeal and something a little bit different to offer the punter.  In Driffield, East Yorkshire one such mobile establishment was giving away a free naughty DVD to every customer who spent £5 on burgers or kebabs.

And not just that, they also had porn running on a portable television in the van.  Lol  You can read the full story here You have to admire their entrepreneurialism.  🙂