House Of Porn 2

By | June 19, 2010

Girl-Girl“What exactly do XY Publishing do?” Asked Sarah over breakfast.

“I was hoping you would tell me as you seemed to know more about them than I do.” Vernon responded. “Should be an interesting day finding out just how much shit the old man left me in. I suppose I could always go bankrupt … The old man never talked about it. Funny because he was never one to keep quiet about any of his acquisitions.”

“Don’t be like that, look on it as a fresh start.”

“Thanks for looking after me last night.” smiled Vernon.

“What? Putting a blanket over you?”

“Well that and actually giving a toss.”

“You’re welcome. Anyway I got a job out of it didn’t I? Even if it is the worst paid job in the world.”


The arrival of two new faces in the office at XY Publishing was greeted with a mixture of incomprehension and fear by the four existing employees who could feel their jobs becoming less secure by the moment. Vernon did his best to assure them that as this was now his only asset he was not about to wind it up it made little difference to the gloomy atmosphere in the office. The first day was grim, the next two weeks just got worse.

Sarah and Vernon sat in the only private office in XY Publishing’s dilapidated premises.

“OK” said Sarah in a business-like tone that was followed by a deep intake of breath and a long sigh. “You know what I’m going to say don’t you.”

Vernon took a moment to answer, distracted for a moment by Sarah’s bust as it rose and fell when she sighed. Her blouse was open a button lower than normal. “We’re screwed?”

“Well, not quite. Your father bought this business as part of the Clover Group and absorbed the rest of that company into Carabas. For some reason he left this on its own.”  She leant forward to scribble a couple of notes on her pad affording Vernon a better view of her tits, then back into her chair, pencil resting on her slightly open lips.

“I think the reason might have been my mother. She wouldn’t have approved of a porn publisher in the family business.” Chuckled Vernon, his mouth was dry and things were stirring between his legs. He’d never noticed the little mole on the side of Sarah’s neck before. He felt the urge to kiss it.

“She might have if she’d seen the money this place used to make.” Sarah rotated the screen so he could read the management reports from eight years earlier. His jaw dropped. “Exactly, he obviously couldn’t get involved without drawing attention to this place. But Mr Carabas wasn’t stupid, maybe he just couldn’t work out a way of capitalising on the potential without alerting the rest of the family.”

“Sarah, we have work to do.”


XY Publishing had been allowed to spiral downwards since Edward Carabas, Vernon’s father had bought it. Contacts in the industry had turned away and the magazines they now sold were cheap low quality trash. Which is how Sarah and Vernon found themselves in the office of Discord Productions with Katrina trying to find a way back into the game.

“You do realise Vernon, I can call you Vernon? Hmm, Vernon, that XY is a has-been. I’m not sure we even want to be associated with you, sorry no offence. I suppose we could let you use some of our older content in your new magazine and website. What is it called?”

“Hot Bods” Said Sarah brightly.

“Hot Bods. Hmm.”

Vernon got up to leave “That would be great, though it’s a pity you can’t let us help you develop some of your newer talent.” was his parting shot before he shook her hand and left.

“You really are going to have to prove that XY are back on form before I risk any of the new blood  …” The door had closed behind Vernon . “I hope he didn’t take offence.”

“No, he didn’t. He’s just very driven and determined to get XY back in business again.” Assured Sarah.

“He seems like a nice guy.”

“Not your type though, eh Katrina.” Sarah uncrossed her legs causing the high split in the side of her skirt to open and reveal her shear stockings.

Katrina looked into Sarah’s playful brown eyes then down to her pouting full lips. She gulped.

“I noticed you checking me out earlier.” Sarah stood up and walked around the desk to Katrina. She knelt in front of Katrina. Her fingers slowly unbuttoned Katrina’s blouse.

“What are you doing?” Katrina protested.

“Oh don’t be coy, you wondered what this would feel like didn’t you.”

“Yes.” Was Katrina’s sibilant reply. She quivered when Sarah’s fingers began to stroke her skin. Sarah reached around Katrina’s back to unclasp her bra, her face almost touching Katrina’s skin, enveloped by the scent of her perfume. Katrina shrugged off her blouse and then the lacy bra leaving her full D cup breasts naked and tempting in front of Sarah’s face.

Cupping a breast in each hand sarah suckled at one nipple then the other finishing with a firm circling licking of the now erect nubs. “Mmmmmm” moaned Katrina. She leant forward to kiss Sarah and found a pair of soft upturned lips parting readily to allow her tongue inside. They enjoyed a slow and passionate oral embrace which left them breathless.

“I want to taste you.” Said Katrina.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Giggled Sarah. She stood and hitched up her skirt before bending over the desk. Her black lacy panties were pulled down past her stocking tops and left around her ankles. Sarah felt Katrina’s breath on her exposed buttocks and parted her legs as wide as her panty-bound ankles would allow. Katrina dived in, tongue pushing forcefully into her snatch tasting Sarah’s excitement with each probing lick.

The strokes of Katrina’s tongue became longer, not quite reaching her clit but finishing almost in her puckered asshole. Sarah squirmed and pushed back onto Katrina’s face. Katrina continued for a while but realised Sarah needed a little more. She pulled away then lifted first one of Sarah’s legs then the other from her panties, turned her over and lifted her legs. Sarah felt her legs pushed back raising her pussy, displaying her pussy and ass to the smiling Katrina. Two fingers slid inside and found her G-Spot immediately, massaging it with a skill that betrayed many such encounters. In under a minute Sarah was screaming and didn’t care who heard her.  Katrina’s fingers sloshed in Sarah’s wet cunt. Leaving the desk awash  with cum.


Vernon was amazed. “I don’t know how you pulled it off. But I don’t suppose I care. What did she agree to?”

“One new girl every month for the first six months … I just have to go over there once a month to choose which one.” Said Sarah.

“That’s a bit of a chore, are you sure you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.” She smiled, the faint taste of Katrina’s juices still on her lips from her part of the earlier “negotiations”.