Lesbian Dreams

By | February 2, 2008

AlexSuze.comI was having a good Friday afternoon chat with the girls at work yesterday when something came out which rocked me slightly. It made me feel almost a sense of missed opportunity, something which could have been had I been armed with all the facts. That may sound a little stupid when you find out what my feelings related to.

It didn’t occur to me until I heard this bit of news yesterday that I had been in to girls at such an early age…

We were talking as we do frequently now, about sex and sexuality when Horny asked if we had seen the Wife Swap episode where Freddy Star and his wife swapped with Sam Fox. I hadn’t seen the programme but had seen it advertised and thought at the time I would love to watch it.

Apparently the programme was quite a revelation in that Sam Fox had a live in long standing girlfriend. She was a lesbian. It took me a moment to digest what Horny had said, then I felt the feeling of remorse that I hadn’t known all those years ago. Silly really I don’t think for one moment that Sam would have engaged in a relationship with a young girl.

I remember looking at pictures of her and thinking she was my ideal girl and how when I grew older she would be the one I took to my bed. Comparatively thinking, this is the same feeling that I have about John Barrowman…if only…

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