Bondage At Home

By | February 3, 2008

AlexSuze.comWe’ve all experimented with a little bondage, haven’t we? Well we have, and necessity being the mother of invention we have used a number of items that you’d find around the average home in our pursuit of home made bondage gear.

Nothing fancy you understand, silk scarves as blindfolds, a bit of chord, ties or belts for restraints. That sort of thing.

Thinking about it improvisation must be pretty common amongst those who have experimented with bondage. One thing that writing for three years about sex and sexuality has taught me is that there’s always something a little unusual out there. What else have people used in their pursuit of homemade restraints?

I pose the question to you all, because of the thousands of people who read this site every day I’m sure one or two of you must have improvised with something quite unexpected.

Luckily now we’re accumulating (albeit slowly) a little equipment. You know restraints, leather cuffs, rubber flogger … excuse me I need to attend to something.

Tags: BDSM, bondage, restraint, homemade bondage equipment