Naked Beach Fun

By | June 22, 2010

BeachI just read the story of a couple visiting the music festival on the Isle of Wight were reported to be cavorting on a beach at Sandown.

As I read on I started to disbelieve what I was reading, especially when it was reported that the guy took off her bikini bottons on a crowded beach of parents and children and was even more disbelieving when I checked out the accompanying images.

Check the full story out here and see if you spot the obvious photographic error.  I’ll wait here…

…did you notice that the image at the top of the page allegedly of the girl in question features her in a lilac bikini, which of course would tie in with the removal of her bikini bottoms by the guy.  Then I noticed the shot of her being escorted away by police officers sees her wearing a full swimming costume.

What do you think?