Pussy Prep

By | February 4, 2008

AlexSuze.comI felt subdued this morning on the drive in to work. Why is it that the weekends are never long enough, you never seem to get everything done and it’s gone before you know it.

The car park was full and I had the usual fun hunting down a space and just made it in to the building as the clock struck nine. But I wasn’t logged in on my computer at nine and there were little beady IT eyes on me. Oh, fuck it I thought.

It was pleasant walking in to the office to be greeted by the girls wishing me a good morning. They probably felt just as deflated as me but always make the effort to make you feel wanted. And Busty looked good in her lilac low cut top. 😉

“So how was your weekend?”, enquired Busty. “Oh, not too bad…How was yours?”, I replied. She had been let down by a potential love interest and felt a little used. I wanted to comfort her with a big hug and a quick peek down her top but thought better of it.

“Morning, what did you get up to this weekend?”, offered Horny who had been on hold on the phone since my arrival and had finally finished her conversation.

“Well, we went to visit a Domme/Switch and her sub husband at their dungeon”. “We had a great time”, I replied.

I didn’t actually but I would have liked to as the words “I did some shopping, cleaning and the usual housework”, left my lips. Their faces would have been a treat if I had revealed where we had been. Perhaps one day but not at the moment…

Horny went on to say that she had been for a pussy wax at the weekend. She told us that she tried a new salon and the girl their was very gentle. In her words “You could hardly feel it”. I’m not sure I quite believe that. “And you know how they usually get you to lift your leg to get to the difficult bits…well, she asked me to roll over on to my stomach”, she went on.

“The girl then asked me to lift up on to my knees and I was there in a rather ungainly pose. I pointed out to her that it had been a while since had anyone asked me to do this”. Busty and I burst out laughing.

I almost said “It’s a good job she didn’t come back wearing a strap-on”. One day I’m going to get myself in to so much trouble.