You Me And HER ;)

By | June 25, 2010

Two GirlsWhen Alex and I fuck I very rarely transport myself off elsewhere by thinking about other situations or places to accompany my quest for orgasm.  I’m not really the kind of person who can remove themselves from their situation and transport themselves to somewhere else.

However, every now and then I have ideas appear in my head when I’m getting down and dirty which shape my thoughts, tweak my erogenous zones.  😉  And tonight was no exception as I had my legs up by my ears and Alex was fucking me like there was no tomorrow.  At one point I thought I was going to piss myself he fucked me so vigorously.

It was then, just before the first of many orgasms rendered me helpless that the thought struck me just how much I would really lurve to be straddling another woman cowgirl style complete with a strap-on.  As I enjoy the control of my downward thrusts on to her phallus I’m being fucked from behind.

Alex is behind me cock hard, fucking my ass for all it’s worth.  I can feel his strong grip on my hips as he pushes firmly in to me ball deep.  I’m imaging the pained look upon his face as he approaches orgasm and yours as you watch me reach that peak.  You watch as my brow furrows and my mouth opens, my breaths deepen and I call out for more.

Thoughts running through my head as both you and I simultaneously reach orgasm.  But you don’t know about these thoughts of mine, these dirty desires…