He Was Fit In More Ways Than One

By | February 5, 2008

AlexSuze.comIn my teenage years I had a form teacher who was a real hunk, all the girls fancied him. He had the physique of a rugby player and rugged good looks to match. Short cropped mousy hair and melting moment deepest dark brown eyes which could disolve you at 5 paces.

All the girls in the class vied for attention in the classroom when he was around much to the displeasure of the guys who tried in vain to distract us with comedic acts.

He was a real man and we knew what we wanted even at that tender age. Hormones racing and imaginations running just as fast to keep up. 😉 I recall always loosening off the top button in his classes, not that I had anything to show but what I had he could look at.

His main subject at school was PE teacher and unfortunately he only taught the boys. The girls had a lesbian teacher who would watch you get undressed in the changing rooms and then again when you took your shower. Despite the fact that I was already aware of my bisexual tendencies by then, I didn’t really fancy her.

I’m not sure why I didn’t go for her, I’m sure all the boys would have had a go given the opportunity. Blonde, petite, flexible…need I say anymore…I thought not. Lol

Mr D’s second subject was English and he took our class for a whole two years. *sigh* He was the man who introduced us all to David Bowie. As part of our English class he played Space Oddity to us all and remember thinking that his music and lyrics were cultured and interesting. I had never heard his music before and I was enraptured.

We had to write about the story behind the song as our classwork and describe the feelings running through the astronaut’s mind. A right on and trendy English class, he was a very good and encouraging teacher and from that day I sought out Mr Bowie’s records. Mr D enriched all our lives that day and made me fancy him more than ever, I wonder where he is now…

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