High Street Perversion

By | February 5, 2008

AlexSuze.comI’ve always been appreciative of the female form. Well, I’m a bloke aren’t I? So checking out women that I meet, or just pass in the street, is a natural reaction, not even second nature, it’s my primary nature to do so.

I assess, I imagine the bits of their body I can’t see by extrapolating from the bits that I can see. I examine their expressions, their body language, their voices, their conversation. And from that I work out if they are “my type”.

Two things occur to me about this behaviour/thought process.

For the most part I can appreciate a female, even if she isn’t “my type”. I often see very beautiful women who many men would give their right testicle to sleep with, yet find they leave me cold for any number of reasons. That does not mean that I don’t think they are not beautiful, just that they do not have the characteristics that I find essential in a female partner. I think I can only describe the problem as a lack of womanliness.

It’s not even that the woman in question may be mind-blowingly, exquisitely attractive, seemingly unattainable, or an “Ice Queen” all of those are more challenges than turn-offs. It’s just that something doesn’t quite click when I regard them. The essential chemistry is missing and no matter how hard I try I can’t see them as desirable in anything but the most abstract sense.

An example of this is Estonian model Carmen Kass (pictured), who simply doesn’t do it for me at all. Too boyish, too skinny and to perfect. Maybe that’s it, too unreal?

The other thing that crosses my mind when I think about my behaviour is this; Is this preoccupation with assessing females as potential mates pervy?

Yes, men have a tendency to be “blokey” when talking between themselves about women. You know “Oooh I’d give her one …” yawn. But I sometimes feel I’m a little too avid in my appreciation of the female form.

Perhaps I’m just a huge perv. LOL

So ladies if you see someone walking towards you in the high street and they are paying just a little too much attention to you, please enjoy it for what it is. Genuine appreciation of your womanliness.

Or alternatively slap me across the face.

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